Land Use Policy

Plano will support a system of organized land use to provide housing and employment choices aligned with the market, where new and redevelopment areas respect the viability and quality of life for existing neighborhoods, businesses, and institutions.

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Review and evaluate the Zoning Ordinance and make appropriate amendments based on guidance from the Comprehensive Plan.
Recurring and On Track
Review development regulations and implement standards that configure development to provide complementary uses and foster good connections, using a combination of streets, trails, and sidewalks for vehicular, pedestrian, and bicycle circulation, that enhance the quality of neighborhoods.
Recurring and On Track
Review and update the Zoning Map to resolve land use inconsistencies between the Future Land Use Map and the Zoning Map.
Recurring and On Track
Create regulations that incentivize the redevelopment and revitalization of underperforming retail and multifamily development.
Review and ensure residential adjacency standards provide appropriate transitions in building height and bulk that are sensitive to the physical character of adjoining neighborhoods.
In Progress
Develop locations for special area plans to focus development and redevelopment efforts in conformity with the Comprehensive Plan.
Recurring and On Track
Develop review criteria that provides guidance on the community’s preferences regarding mixed-use developments, such as desired mix of uses, densities, parking, phasing plans, minimum open space, building placement, quality of building materials, residential adjacency, and other urban design elements.


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