The Comprehensive Plan 2021 maps will guide city leaders in decisions and directives for land use development, the provision and delivery of city services, and prioritization and funding of Community Investment Program (CIP) projects.  Browse the five maps below to learn more about future land uses, roadway planning, park development, and bicycle infrastructure.

Future Land Use Map

This map organizes the city into Future Land Use categories, each with an associated Dashboard that describes the preferred land use mixes, desirable character-defining elements, and priorities for that area.  Learn More


Expressway corridor environmental health map

This map shows locations in the city that are sensitive to the effects of the city’s major expressways.  A set of accompanying guidelines provides standards for health analyses for sensitive land uses in these areas. Learn More

Environmental Health Areas

  • Environmental Health Area One (EHA-1 - Yellow)
  • Environmental Health Area Two (EHA-2 - Red)

Thoroughfare Plan Map

This map shows the locations of existing and future major roadways in Plano.  A set of accompanying cross-sections provides the size, number of lanes, median and parkway widths, and associated dimensions for each major type of roadway. Learn More

Cross sections

  • Type A Freeway - No Frontage Roads
  • Type A Freeway - With Frontage Roads
  • Type B Arterial - Regional
  • Type B+ Arterial - Regional with Access Lanes
  • Type C Major Thoroughfare
  • Type D Secondary Thoroughfare
  • Type E Secondary Thoroughfare
  • Type F Collector
  • Type G Residential/Local

Bicycle Transportation plan map

This map shows the locations of existing and planned bicycle trails and facilities across the city. Learn More

Parks Master Plan Map

This map shows the locations of existing and planned parks and trails in the city. Learn More