Undeveloped Land Policy

Plano will reserve its remaining undeveloped land for high quality development with distinctive character, prioritizing businesses offering skilled employment. New housing in these areas will only be considered appropriate where it is consistent with the Future Land Use Map and other related Comprehensive Plan standards.

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Develop review criteria to provide guidance on rezoning undeveloped properties including such considerations as appropriate location, environmental conditions, and impact on public service facilities, infrastructure, and adjacent land uses.
In Progress
Create an interactive Undeveloped Land Map updated on a quarterly basis and post to the city’s website for public use.
In Progress
Ensure that new housing growth on undeveloped land provides functional and appropriate environments for residential uses and activities such as proximity to existing compatible residential development, configuration to support housing, and access to neighborhood parks, and ensure any development standards include adequate green space. When adjacent to existing residential neighborhoods a compatible transition in building height and bulk should be provided.
In Progress

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