Renewable Energy Policy

Plano will increase the use of solar power and other renewable sources for city infrastructure, facilities, and operations and encourage residents and businesses to make renewable energy improvements that diversify the energy supply, reduce dependence on fossil fuels, improve air quality, and reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

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Develop energy conservation education and energy efficiency retrofit programs and identify appropriate new financing opportunities for energy efficiency and solar energy installations for commercial, residential, and civic buildings.
On Track
Continue to implement a marketing campaign that increases awareness and participation with the city’s Housing Rehabilitation Program and Great Update Rebate Program to provide homeowners and renters assistance in upgrading their homes to be more energy and water efficient.
Recurring and On Track
Explore public/private partnerships for the development of energy efficiency programs with private utility companies.
In Progress
Increase renewable energy participation with homeowners and business owners by supporting private initiatives such as Solarize Plano.
In Progress
Evaluate the feasibility of using rooftops of public facilities and parking garages for renewable micro-power generation, such as solar.
On Track
Evaluate the feasibility of geothermal energy as an alternative energy source for public and private buildings.
In Progress
Negotiate higher renewable energy minimums with the city’s electric providers at the time of contract expiration.
Recurring and On Track
Establish a cost-effective program for replacing city vehicles operating on fossil fuels with those that operate on alternative fuels or electricity.
In Progress
Review the Zoning Ordinance and amend as necessary to facilitate the development of alternative fuel distribution facilities.
Seek grants to assist with the funding for alternative fueling stations and electric charging stations.
In Progress

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