Water Conservation Policy

Plano will conserve water resources by expanding education and incentive programs to ensure the city has adequate water supply to meet the long-term needs of the citizens.

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Apply adopted water conservation measures even during periods of adequate supply, not just during drought.
On Track
Create incentives for water conservation techniques such as drip irrigation systems, rainwater collection and harvesting, and drought tolerant landscaping, and create demonstration projects on city facilities to increase awareness.
On Track
Utilize traditional and emerging marketing methods such as large-scale media, social marketing campaigns, and presence at public events to improve awareness and participation for the city’s water conservation programs.
On Track
Study potential of air conditioning condensation harvesting and grey water use as a water conservation measure.
In Progress
Provide educational materials, seminars, and workshops on conservation and sustainability practices for water resources.
On Track
Evaluate environmental impacts of artificial turf or synthetic grass as an alternative for residential and commercial developments.
In Progress


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