Facilities & Infrastructure Policy

Plano will strategically plan and implement improvements to city facilities, assets, and infrastructure to ensure the necessary needs and services are provided to the community.

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Maintain an asset management system to inventory the location, condition, and anticipated lifespan of city facilities, assets, and infrastructure.
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Utilize data and insights from the city’s asset management system to:

  1. Strategically plan for proactive maintenance, repair, and replacement of city facilities, assets, and infrastructure;
  2. Assess the adequacy and future needs for public facilities, assets, and infrastructure in potential growth and redevelopment locations; and
  3. Develop long-term public facilities, assets, and infrastructure strategies to balance the need for timely and cost-effective maintenance, repair, and replacement with other efforts to revitalize identified growth and redevelopment locations.
In Progress
Maintain the Community Investment Program (CIP) as a five-year guide to planning, building, operating and maintaining capital projects.  Adopt the first year of the CIP as part of the City’s annual operating budget.
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Review the 5-year Community Investment Program (CIP) annually with the Planning & Zoning Commission to ensure projects and programs are aligned with the Comprehensive Plan and other adopted master plans.   Priority should be given to projects which:
  1. Address issues, inadequacies, or needs in the city’s facilities and infrastructure where identified by the city’s asset management system or strategic plans;
  2. Provide preventative maintenance to city facilities, assets, or infrastructure that, if not addressed, would likely result in more costly or extensive repairs or replacement in the future;
  3. Construct aspects of the Thoroughfare Plan Map, Bicycle Transportation Plan Map, and Parks Master Plan Map which are incomplete or not yet built to fully developed standards;
  4. Promote strategic objectives outlined in the Facilities Master Plan, the Parks, Recreation, Trails and Open Space Plan, Public Works Master Plan, Small Area Plans, or other adopted master plans;
  5. Promote an economic development objective as defined by the Comprehensive Plan, Economic Development Plan, or other adopted master plan;
  6. Implement technology improvements and innovative solutions to support city facilities and operations.
  7. Coordinate with private reinvestment in preferred growth and redevelopment locations.
In Progress
In preparing the CIP, project selection should consider asset conditions, equitable distribution, environmental impacts, resiliency and sustainability, long-term health and safety benefits, and cost effectiveness.
In Progress
Implement the goals in the Facilities Master Plan and update every 5 years or as needed to prioritize and schedule projects for the Community Investment Program (CIP).
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Design municipal buildings that are functional, distinctive, and appropriate for their surroundings.
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When upgrading, expanding, or building new public facilities, utilize signage, landscaping, and related amenities to improve their visual appeal. 
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Work with private utility providers to ensure that ordinances and policies can accommodate innovative service technologies.
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