Libraries Policy

Plano will enhance and expand, as appropriate, the existing library services to accommodate additional community needs that serve the changing demographics and library trends for the city.

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Implement the Library Strategic Plan and update every three years.
Recurring and On Track
Identify and prioritize projects for inclusion in Community Investment Program (CIP) fiscal year budget and future bond elections.
Recurring and On Track
Implement and sustain reliable technology to support new information and service delivery formats.
Recurring and On Track
Expand and enhance educational programming to reflect the changing demographics of Plano’s community.
Recurring and On Track
Evaluate the use of mobile library facilities and other ways to increase public outreach and enhance Plano’s active public spaces.
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Create a marketing program that promotes the libraries as civic focal points and resource hubs for Plano’s community.
Recurring and On Track
Expand existing libraries to include meeting spaces, workshop spaces, enlarged program rooms, and quiet spaces.
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Provide library materials in all formats as they become desired by the public.
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