Placemaking & Public Spaces Policy

Plano will create memorable and unique public spaces to enhance community character and build neighborhood identity.

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Evaluate the cost and other resources needed to create active programming in parks and along trails to create multi-use destinations that support both formal and informal activities.
In Progress
Participate with national PARKing Day where artists, designers, and citizens transform parking spots into temporary public parks.
In Progress
Create a public space activation guide that provides guidance to the city and developers on activating public spaces.
In Progress
Identify areas for food truck events.
In Progress
Explore the addition of complementary facilities on the Plano Event Center site or surrounding properties that would enhance its ability to attract regional and national events.
In Progress
Evaluate current facilities in terms of hosting regional and national events which could attract visitors to the city and determine the costs required to complete the necessary improvements.
In Progress
Review development regulations as needed to ensure site design requirements support and encourage public spaces.
In Progress
Coordinate with the Historic Downtown Plano Association to support active programming for McCall Plaza.
In Progress

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