Community Building Policy

Plano will pursue community building efforts and initiatives and provide the tools needed to strengthen community cohesion and sense of belonging among residents.

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Strengthen and expand existing community outreach and participation programs such as Love Where You Live and Citizens Assisting Plano Police.
Recurring and On Track
Develop a community pride initiative and include an educational component that addresses the history, arts, culture, educational resources, and natural resources in Plano.
Recurring and On Track
Create a centralized database and integrated online mapping tool that provides all information available for a specific geography, including trash collection, property standards contacts, emergency contacts, and upcoming events and programs to encourage community and civic engagement.
In Progress
Create a mentorship program for established homeowners associations to mentor developing organizations.
In Progress
Increase the number of neighborhoods with crime watch programs and encourage residents to become block captains.
Recurring and On Track
Maintain and update, as necessary, the neighborhood association toolkit to assist citizens in forming neighborhood associations.
In Progress
Promote HOA and Neighborhood Association Quarterly Breakfasts to new neighborhood associations.
Recurring and On Track
Continue to implement a marketing campaign encouraging neighborhoods to host block parties and utilize the city’s Pop-up Party Trailer, Pop-up Party Theater, and promote other BEST Neighborhoods initiatives.
Recurring and On Track
Facilitate opportunities for neighborhood representatives, business organizations, not-for-profit organizations and agencies, and other stakeholders to meet regularly with and obtain information from city staff on city initiatives and activities.
Recurring and On Track
Continue the Neighborhood Vitality and Beautification Grant Program to assist in creating a sense of identity for neighborhoods.
Recurring and On Track

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