Vision Statement

"Plano is a global leader, excelling in exceptional education, abounding with world class businesses and vibrant neighborhoods."

Guiding principles

The following set of Guiding Principles to the Comprehensive Plan establish overarching themes that apply to all policies and actions and express values for Plano Today, Plano 2050, and Plano Together. These principles are not intended to stand alone but to be used in concert with one another and carry across the Plan as a whole. Each principle must be judged through a lens that incorporates all of the other principles to be fully and accurately understood.

  1. 1.1 The Plan enhances the quality of life in the near term, continually striving to meet the needs and priorities of current residents, businesses, and institutions of Plano.
    1.2 The Plan promotes the safety, viability, and vibrancy of Plano’s existing neighborhoods, managing growth and shaping change that complements the city’s suburban character and rich history.
    1.3 The Plan promotes the educational, recreational, and cultural centers of the community, providing an environment for world-class facilities, businesses, entertainment, and institutions that support a vital economy.
    1.4 The Plan respects the suburban character of Plano and seeks to preserve and enhance the built environment.
    1.5 The Plan acknowledges that Plano is mostly developed and does not anticipate significant changes in population or residential development in the future.
    1.6 Implementation of the Plan will be open and transparent, with a high standard for exceptions to land use principles, proactively seeking community input and updated when needed with opportunities for the public to continually share their needs and priorities with community leaders and inform the decision-making process.

  1. 2.1 The Plan enhances the quality of life in the long term, preparing for future generations of residents, businesses, and institutions of Plano who may not yet have a voice but are impacted by the decisions of today.
    2.2 The Plan successfully manages Plano’s transition to a mature city, seeking innovative approaches and best practices to accommodate emerging trends, technologies, and opportunities that improve the quality of life and allow the city to remain attractive and vibrant into the future.
    2.3 The Plan builds on Plano’s strong history of thoughtful planning, guiding future development and redevelopment where it is safe, attractive, appropriate, and convenient; contributes to a variety of housing, employment, and social opportunities; and respects the natural environment.
    2.4 Implementation of the Plan will be fiscally responsible, ensuring that alternatives are considered and completion of actions provides the greatest long-term value.

  1. 3.1 The Plan serves people of all backgrounds, striving to meet the needs of an inclusive and vibrant community that calls Plano “home.”
    3.2 The Plan promotes a community that is safe, engaged, and rich in educational, cultural, and recreational opportunities that are highly desirable to residents and visitors alike.
    3.3 The Plan embraces Plano’s position as a leader in the region, demonstrating the city’s standard of excellence and supporting our neighbors through linkages including health, economy, culture, transportation, and sense of community.
    3.4 The Plan manages growth and redevelopment in a gradual manner, ensuring changes are beneficial to neighbors and the surrounding community based on real, city-level demand.
    3.5 Implementation of the Plan will be done in partnership with the community and educational, nonprofit, civic, cultural, faith-based, and governmental organizations, promoting cooperation towards common goals that enhance the quality of life for the residents, businesses, and institutions of Plano.