The Downtown Corridors future land use category applies to historic Downtown Plano and the K Avenue and 14th Street corridors.  Located along former State Highway 5, FM 544, and the Houston & Texas Central and Cotton Belt Railroads (now the DART Red/Orange and Silver Line), these areas have long served as major gateways to Downtown for both car and rail. The Downtown Corridors category is intended to create attractive gateways and support the continued transformation of historic Downtown Plano into the civic and cultural heart of the city.

Transit-Oriented Development (TOD) Areas

The principles of transit-oriented development will be used at planned stations along both rail lines, with residential, employment, retail, and civic uses located within one-quarter mile of a rail transit stop. Development elsewhere in the corridors should be oriented towards the rail as secondary frontage, especially where elevated, to improve aesthetics and create welcoming gateways into the community.

Corridor Revitalization & Redevelopment

As some of the oldest parts of the city, development along the K Avenue and 14th Street corridors reflects many decades of growth, infill, and transition, resulting in an eclectic mix of warehouses, commercial centers, and neighborhoods.  These corridors will redevelop to serve as gateways to Downtown Plano and transit nodes with street, bike, trail, and sidewalk improvements emphasized to create a more accessible, walkable, and unified corridor. Parking structures should be provided to reduce surface parking and encourage efficient use of land. 

Historic Preservation

Development projects should respect the historic character of Downtown and surrounding neighborhoods. Creative opportunities should be supported which both allow Plano’s heritage resources to remain in active and productive use and protect them from the pressures of growth and redevelopment.


  • Enhancing bicycle and pedestrian connections
  • Improving mobility connections between Downtown and Collin Creek area
  • Focusing density in Downtown core and within 1/4 mile walking distance of rail stations
Downtown Corridors

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Mix of Uses

Downtown Corridors  Land Use Mix

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Desirable Character Defining Elements

Downtown Corridors Character Defining Elements

* Exception: Within Transit-Oriented Development (TOD) Areas maximum density is increased to 40 DUA for SF Types and to 100 DUA for MF Types.

DUA = Dwelling Units per Acre
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