Expressway Corridors (EX)

The Expressway Corridor future land use category applies to development along major expressways serving regional and interstate commerce. Development in these corridors is expected to include a mix of retail, service, office, restaurant, medical, hotel, and technology-based uses. Uses should be serviced by parking structures to reduce surface parking and encourage efficient use of land.

RESIDENTIAL AREAS & Environmental Health

Due to noise and health impacts of expressways, residential development should be considered in limited circumstances where needed to revitalize declining commercial centers.  Use of the Expressway Corridor Environmental Health Map is critical to ensure that buildings are adequately designed to protect sensitive land uses, such as schools, housing, and day cares.

US 75 Corridor redevelopment

As the oldest of the expressways in Plano, the US 75 Corridor was developed with auto-centric and service-oriented uses geared towards highway commuters. Revitalization and redevelopment is desired to provide additional employment opportunities and improve general aesthetics along the corridor.


  • Redevelopment of US 75 Corridor
  • Protecting sensitive land uses in Environmental Health Areas
  • Limiting residential uses to redevelopment of underperforming commercial areas
Expressway Corridors

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