Inventory Application Guide

The Existing Land Use & Housing Inventory (Inventory) land use mix for each Future Land Use measurement area can be viewed below.

Important notes

  • The Inventory shows both existing and planned land uses and housing units.
  • Employment and Housing are measured by acres.
  • Employment Land Use Types are broken down by acres.
  • Housing Land Use Types are broken down by number of housing units.
  • Residential open space (green space, parkway, private pools/clubhouses, etc) is considered residential when considering Housing acreage, unless the open space is city park land.
  • More information on the land use mix can be found on the How to Read the Dashboards page.
  1. The Inventory is a live database and is routinely updated based on recent approvals. The Inventory data is current as of August 31, 2021, and may not reflect what is shown in the Executive Summary (Executive Summary data current through February 28, 2021).

In Development

A guide for developers and the public on how to use the existing land use & housing inventory to evaluate potential zoning cases is under development.