What is the Silver Line Station Areas Plan?

More transit opportunities are on the way in Plano. The 26-mile-long Silver Line commuter rail corridor is under construction and will extend between the Dallas Fort Worth International Airport (DFW) and Shiloh Road in Plano. DART, the operator of the commuter rail corridor, anticipates service to begin as early as late 2025.  This will result in two new stations in Plano served by the Silver Line, a 12th Street Station and Shiloh Road Station. In addition, a new 12th Street Red/Orange Line light rail station will be constructed to serve as a transfer point between the Silver Line and the existing light rail corridor. This substantial public investment is expected to be an economic development catalyst for southeast Plano and the greater Downtown core.

In Fall 2020, the city undertook the Silver Line Corridor – Market Assessment & Economic Development Strategy as a first step in understanding the impacts of the DART rail on surrounding land use. Following the completion of this study, in February 2022, the Planning & Zoning Commission directed staff to initiate an area plan within a half-mile of the future Silver Line stations in order to guide development patterns and address redevelopment opportunities presented in the market study. This planning effort is anticipated to occur throughout 2023, and public input will be a priority throughout the process to create a long-range planning policy that represents the community's vision and guides the future of these station areas.

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Are you a resident, property/business owner, or interested stakeholder in the 12th Street or Shiloh Road station area? Join the Project Advisory Group to provide key insights and help guide this planning effort! Contact the Planning Department at PlanoCompPlan@plano.gov or 972-941-7151.

How will we develop the plan?


Understand and evaluate existing conditions


Identify challenges and opportunities for land uses and development


Host discussions with the public to identify the vision for the transit stations


Develop strategies for the land use, character, and infrastructure needs surrounding the transit stations


The City of Plano Planning Department held a Virtual Visioning Workshop on April 27th with the Advisory Group members.  This workshop was an interactive meeting where participants discussed needs and desires for future transit-oriented development and redevelopment around the new station areas. 

The results of the workshop are below.  Please click the links for more information.



The City of Plano Planning Department held a three-day Planning Charrette and Open House to explore the development of the Silver Line Station Areas Plan with input from the project's Advisory Group and the general public.  The event was held June 27-29 at the Sam Johnson Senior Recreation Center.  

Following the in-person charrette and open house, a virtual open house was available from July 24th to August 21st.  The purpose of the Virtual Open House was to showcase the findings gathered at the in-person meetings and to engage those who were unable to attend the meetings in-person.  

The results of the Planning Charrette, Open House and Virtual Open House can be found HERE

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The City of Plano Planning Department hosted an online community survey from May 31st to July 14th.  The web-based survey consisted of 44 questions to understand respondents' concerns, attitudes and opinions related to future development around the upcoming 12th Street and Shiloh Road Silver Line stations. 

The results of the community survey can be found HERE



How can I get involved? 


Participate as a Project Advisory Group Member
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Review the Silver Line Corridor - Market Assessment & Economic Development Strategy

Review the Silver Line Corridor Station Areas Plan - Phase 1 Report, Existing Conditions

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If you have questions about this process, or how to get involved, contact the
City of Plano Planning Department at PlanoCompPlan@plano.gov or 972-941-7151.