Waste Minimization Policy 

Plano will reduce the overall disposal of solid waste and increase reuse and recycling to conserve environmental issues.

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  1. Actions
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Create a 20-year Solid Waste Plan and incorporate focus groups to cover the identified key areas of: commercial businesses (separated by large, medium, and small), multi-family complexes, and residential sections (separated by home size/age, ethnicity and culture, family size, and median age).
In Progress
Develop and implement the 2015-2025 Regional Compost Program in conjunction with North Texas Municipal Water District and four (4) additional solid waste member cities: Richardson, Frisco, Allen, and McKinney.
Recurring and On Track
Complete the implementation of the Construction and Demolition Recycling Incentive Program enhancements.
Recurring and On Track
Utilize traditional and emerging marketing methods such as large-scale media, social marketing campaigns, and presence at public events to improve awareness and participation in the City’s recycling programs.
In Progress
Evaluate and determine the next tier of residential-based materials potentially targeted through future recycling activities, collections, or programs to increase recycling and decrease waste disposal.
On Track
Develop and refine Plano’s commercial recycling-based Green Business Certification program and increase promotion of and participation in the program.
On Track

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