On November 8, 2021, the City Council adopted the Comprehensive Plan 2021.  Much of this new Plan may look familiar, as many aspects of the previous Comprehensive Plan remain largely unchanged, such as those related to the environment, social services, and the economy.  However, significant changes resulted to many of the most impactful parts of the Plan and new content was created in areas related to Land Use, Density, Transportation, and Growth Management.  This web-based, interactive Plan allows you to easily browse content and stay up to date on implementation.  

Unique features of the plan

  1. Community-Based
  1. Data-Driven
  1. Interactive
  1. Precise
  1. Evolving

How Will the Plan be Used?

The Comprehensive Plan is used every day by a variety of stakeholders to make important decisions about how to invest in the community and enhance the quality of life in Plano. For example, residents can use the Plan to see how the city intends to guide growth and redevelopment in ways that meet their needs and aspirations; land owners can use the Plan when considering improvements to their property; businesses can use the Plan when deciding to reinvest or relocate to Plano; and the Plano City Council, Planning & Zoning Commission, and city staff can use the Plan to make decisions about development proposals and where to best invest city resources to achieve the community’s vision for the future. More specifically, the Plan is used by local officials in three primary ways:

Delivery of City ServicesNew city services, programs, and projects, such as The Great Update Rebate program, are often started in order to implement specific action statements of the Comprehensive Plan.
Budget and Community Investment ProgramProjects in the Community Investment Program (CIP), such as new city facilities and infrastructure improvements, are reviewed annually for consistency with the Comprehensive Plan.
Zoning and Development Review ConformanceAll zoning change requests, along with updates to the Zoning Ordinance and other development regulations, are reviewed for conformance with the Comprehensive Plan.