What's the Same?

Much of the Comprehensive Plan 2021 is similar to aspects of the previous Comprehensive Plan. In addition to maintaining the same organizational hierarchy, much of the previous Comprehensive Plan fell outside the four topic areas (Land Use, Transportation, Density, & Growth Management) assigned to the CPRC and P&Z by the City Council. As such, policies under the Social Environment, Natural Environment, and Economic Environment Pillars remain mostly the same, with a few updates to correct background information or remove actions previously completed.

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  1. Modified Maps (1)

  1. Modified Policies (18)

  1. Removed from Plan (1)


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  1. Policies with No Major Changes (24)

NOTE: 17 actions were removed. Actions CNC2-4 were not included in CPRC/P&Z Review as they were outside the four topic areas. Action DRE6 was previously under the Land Use Policy.