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What is the Community Design Plan?
The Community Design Plan is an exciting effort by the City of Plano to evaluate and provide review criteria for the desired functional and aesthetic qualities of new development and redevelopment - ranging from architectural features, landscaping, streetscape, and overall site design.

This effort builds upon the direction provided by the Future Land Use Dashboards of the Comprehensive Plan and is intended to provide more detail on community preferences for various land use contexts across Plano.

The standards of the Community Design Plan will supplement the regulations of the Zoning Ordinance, Subdivision Ordinance, Thoroughfare Standards, and other city ordinances that shape the development and the future of Plano.

How will we develop the plan?


Take direction from the adopted Comprehensive Plan 2021


Draft community design standards based on public input


Ask the public to review and provide comment through public engagement


Revise and develop the Community Design Plan standards and review criteria


Final plan will provide objective, measurable standards for all land use contexts in a single, accessible document

What's the timeline?

Staff anticipates developing the plan in phases across several years, incorporating each of the Future Land Use categories and other specialized topics:


How can I get involved?

Your input in this planning process is essential.
Engage with this planning process, both in-person and online through the means below.


Learn more about upcoming and past public input opportunities.

Additional Community Design Plan Phase 1 public input opportunities coming later in 2023.

Contact Us

If you have questions about this process, or how to get involved, contact the
City of Plano Planning Department at or 972-941-7151.